Searching for companies by Country and Product Type on the potato stats pages

In many cases, you may be interested in the companies that are located in a specific country.

The search for companies on the Potato Stats pages can be helpful with that.

However, there are a number of things you have to keep in mind:

  • A search on the world page or the continent page does not yield results. Currently, companies are not assigned to regions larger than countries.
  • You can search:
    • on country level worldwide
    • on State/Province level in the United States, Canada and select locations elsewhere (West Bengal, Uttar Pradesh, Gujarat)
  • Several companies in the potato sector (e.g. dehydrated potato products, starch, frozen) or supplying to the potato sector (machine manufacturers, large agricultural equipment) supply worldwide from a limited number of production locations, either directly or through a network of agents. If a company has no headquarters, subsidiary or production locations, a company will not show up in a country search, even though a company might be perfectly capable to deliver the product you are looking for in that country. Also, no agents are currently included in the database.
  • Many companies are only included in the PotatoPro database with their headquarter location and not with (all) production locations. If this is the case, they will not show up in a country search.
  • To make searching a specific product type in multiple countries easier, your search will be remembered if you go to a different country page. We do this by saving your latest search in a cookie on your computer. The selection will persist even if you come back to the site later. Select "any" to see all companies again. 
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