Flash Coding & Production Guidelines


PotatoPro is discontinuing the use of Flash for creatives. An update on alternatives will follow shortly

Due to an increasing amount of mobile traffic and security and performance issues around flash browser plug-ins, PotatoPro will discontinue the possibility to use flash for ads. We will update you on possible alternatives shortly. Contact us directly if this concerns you.

Files to supply

When submitting Flash banner(s) you must supply:

  • A compiled .SWF file
  • A fallback GIF/JPEG file (used when flash is not supported)
  • A click-through URL

Flash versions supported

DoubleClick for Publishers supports up to Flash version 10. Flash 11 is not supported!



ClickTag Instructions

To track when a user clicks within a flash, a ClickTag variable MUST be embedded in the .fla file.

Please follow this example and instruction:

Add an invisible button making entire area of the banners clickable. Attach the following object action to the button:

on (release) {

if (clickTAG.substr(0,5) == "http:") {

getURL(clickTAG, "_blank");




This will embed the ClickTag variable in the FLA file. This allows the click-through URL to be modified at any time during the campaign, as opposed to hard-coding the click command in the .SWF file.

Target="_blank" is required in the "Basic Actions" to make sure the click thru opens a new window.

You can review more detailed documentation for clickTAG implementations at .


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