How to subscribe to PotatoPro Newsletters and Newsupdates

To receive PotatoPro Newsletters (weekly) or Newsupdates (daily) these are the steps:

  1. First you have to register
  2. Once you a registered, on any page of the website click on "My account" (if you are logged in) or "login" (if you are not logged in) or click here to go to your user page.
  3. Once on your user page, click "Manage your Subscription to the PotatoPro News Updates"
  4. Next, tick "Yes, I would like to receive PotatoPro News Updates" (important!), select your preferences and finally "save at the bottom of the page

Once a new newsletter is send out you will be included! Click "support" at the right of the page if you get stuck or are not receiving what you expect to receive



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