How to Claim or List your Company on PotatoPro

If your company is active in the potato industry, you want to make sure it is properly represented in the #1 Global Potato Industry Directory.

  1. First of all, check if your company is listed in the PotatoPro directories.

You have decided you qualify and want to proceed:

  1. Register as a portal user (not the same as the newsletter registration!)
  2. Once the registration is complete - including setting your password, Login here and you end up on your main user page.  Bookmark this page, as it is your "command center" going forward.
  3. Select "request permission to add or edit your company" (lower on the page)
  4. Verify your account details and correct if necessary. 
  5. Provide the additional information required for company editors (position, phone number and company website) and "Send Request"
  6. Now your request will be evaluated by an editor of PotatoPro and you will receive a notification if your request is granted. This may take up to 48 hours.
  7. Once you are a company editor, you have a number of new options on your main user page to add your company, subsidiaries or factory locations, brands and your products.





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